Differences Between Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting vs Crochet. Maybe you are trying to decide which to learn first or you want to know how hard it will be to learn the other after being a knitter or crocheter first. How to choose between knitting or Crocheting is a very common question. In this video, I walk you through 5 differences between knitting and crochet and tips on how to choose which one to learn. Hint: learn both!


Naturally, the first thing that you notice when comparing knitting and crochet is the difference in the way that the stitches look. Each technique creates its own type of fabric. The knitting stitches do come out smaller. This knitting swatch in the video is 20 stitches across and 26 rows tall, whereas the crochet stitches are bigger. That swatch is 17 stitches wide and 18 rows tall but they do come out to be the same size swatch.


Another obvious difference between knitting and crochet is the tools that are used. Knitting uses two needles with a tapered, pointed end and crocheting uses one tool that has a hook at the head. When you observe how knitting and crochet are made, you understand why these tools are chosen for each of the techniques.


In knitting, all of the stitches are live, meaning that they are kept on one of the knitting needles and then work and moved over to the other needle. For example, the knit stitch is made by taking the live stitch, manipulating the yarn, and then moving that stitch over to the other needle and you progress all the way across the row. Crochet only has one live stitch at a time and we pick up free stitches along the row as we work. Both techniques use interlocking loops to create the fabric. It’s just that the loops are manipulated in a very different manner.


  • In knitting, there are a lot of options for casting on and binding off. Casting on is the way that you start your fabric. There are many different ways to start. Binding off is when you’ve completed the last row of your stitches and work them off you needle to create a finished edge.
  • Crochet has a lot more stitches. Knitting only has knit and purl, but crochet has six stitches.
  • Knitting fabric is thinner than crochet and that’s the main reason why there’s more curl in knitting fabric. Crochet fabric is thicker. There are more loops that go into creating a crochet stitch, regardless of its size, and that creates a thicker fabric. The stitches being bigger also means that the fabric works up faster.
  • Because of the differences in the fabric that knitting and crochet create, knitting is often better for garments. Since it is a thinner fabric and you can use more intricate designs. Crochet is better for household items. They’re great for toys and embellishments.

Which To Choose?

Whether you knit or crochet is really a personal preference. It’s best to decide based on the things that you want to make, but I would highly suggest that you learn both. Both have value and they can also be worked together.

What Is The Difference in Cost?

I really don’t think cost is a factor when deciding whether to knit or crochet. The knitting supplies tend to be more expensive than crochet, but crochet uses more yarn.

What Are My Next Steps?

There are many resources to learn how to knit or crochet. I’m releasing some online courses later this year starting with a full Beginning Crochet course. It is going to be the only beginning crochet course you are ever going to need. Later this year, I’ll also release a Knitting for Crocheters course. So you’ll have the opportunity to learn both skills, which I highly recommend. If you are interested in this, click here. You’ll be led to subscribe to my mailing list. That means that you will be the first to know when the classes are released and be eligible for a discount.

If you have any suggestions for more video topics, leave a comment below and I’ll see you on the next video!


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