#1 mistake of a newbie crocheter

Nearly every new crocheter makes this mistake. I certainly did when I taught myself to crochet before YouTube was around to offer any help. What is the #1 mistake? When making a new stitch, only going under one loop of the stitch below instead of both. This leaves the other loop exposed and creates bars across your fabric. It’s not too often that we say there is a “right” or “wrong” way to do something in crochet, but this is certainly an exception. I explain more in this video. Happy Crocheting!!

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  1. I appreciate your tutorial on differentiating between YO vs YU. I learned YO over 45 years ago and began to believe that YU is the correct and “new” way. You made it very clear YO is better and correct – certainly gauge is bigger.

    Also, with the new “ergonomic” hooks, there is less movement of the wrist. Could you do a tutorial on “how to use (with less motion by rolling between index finger and thumb) the ergonomic hook” vs the “before ergonomic hook” with more wrist motion when crocheting. Thank you.

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